Vanilla Beans and Coffee Scrubs

Vanilla beans have to be one of my favorite things to work with. They smell amazing. There are so may health benefits and skin care benefits that are associated with them. I was working on a post for Herbal Living and knew I had to share how I combine vanilla with coffee to make a delicious scrub. 

Coffee can chalk up one more point of awesome for its amazing exfoliating quality. I have been toting the amazing wonders of coffee scrubs for years. What sets each apart is the ingredients I use with the coffee. I shared one that utilized some invigorating essential oils like peppermint as well as the one on Herbal Living that uses vanilla beans. All are awesome things to add to your skin care regiment for smoother, softer skin.

You will have to check them out. You can also find some great pins on my pinterest board that is dedicated to all things herbal, essential oils, or as my kids call hippy crunchy mom stuff. What do they know? Teenage boys… Hummf

Coffee Scrubs are easy to make at home. Great way to exfoliate and moisturize your skin.

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