On the Go Guacamole for a Back to School #SundaySupper

Two weeks… that is all we really have left of Summer Vacation. Two short little weeks. . . I can hear the panic in my kids voices as they count down the days. My boys are a mix of excitement. No one likes the early mornings or the homework, but they like most of their classes, love playing sports and generally all the social aspects of school.  Our Cat is probably the most excited though, she likes all the bags. Cat in a Bag Continue reading

BBQ Chicken Nacho #SundaySupper

Happy Father’s Day! Today is a day that we celebrate the men in our lives, fathers, grandpas, husbands… What better way to show our appreciation than food?!  It has been said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Knowing the men and boys in my life, there is some merit in that statement.

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Blue Cheese Burger Bites {For a Game Day #SundaySupper}


Game Day! The big day, the one that all of us die-hard football fans and not so die-hard fans can still come together for a great party and fun commercials. The excitement builds all day long until Kick Off. In my family, this is a big day. Football is something we all enjoy. The food is also a bonus. Who doesn’t love all the appetizers, snacks and finger foods? For all of us adults in the world… who doesn’t love to pair all the goodies with a great wine? Continue reading

Pancetta & Goat Cheese Crostini for #SundaySupper

This week’s #SundaySupper theme is Reflections and Resolutions. Fitting right? It is that time of year when we sit down and reflect on the year that has passed and set resolutions/goals for the new year ahead. For me, this past year has been filled with many new and exciting things. 2013 has been a year of transitions. I accepted a new position with the school district that I work for. It has been a wonderful experience and I am truly thankful for it, but it also cemented the end of my role as a stay at home mom. My oldest has gone off to high school. This is still strange to me. My baby will be in middle school next year. This Christmas was the first year in my life as a mother, where there were more clothes and shoes under the tree than toys. All transitions, one phase of life into another. Continue reading

Blackberry Caprese Salad for Recipe Countdown 2013

Blackberry Caprese This recipe is one of my all time favorites. I love everything about eating fresh and eating what is in season. The ingredients are at the peak of flavor. Eating seasonally also makes things just a little bit more special. If you eat blackberries all year long, do you truly appreciate when they make their return to the vines? Is there anything better than the sun warmed fruit? Well, sure, but they are really hard to beat. With only the berries that I have put up from the summer to last me until the next harvest… the anticipation is already building. Continue reading

Stuffed Baby Sweet Peppers for Recipe Countdown 2013

What a week it has been. This Christmas season seems so much shorter than in the past. We hung lights in our windows just last night. I love the glow of the Christmas lights. If we hung lights up all year, would they lose their magic? Perhaps… Continue reading

Stuffed Baby Sweet Peppers {for #SundaySupper Labor Day Party}

It is Labor Day weekend. The official end to summer in Michigan. Beaches close and kids head back to school. Leaves on the trees are starting to turn and my tomatoes will never ripen. Seriously, what happened to the summer? I am sending my oldest boy off to his Freshman year of high school on Tuesday. This blows my mind. Wasn’t I just in high school my self? Wasn’t he just learning to walk on his own? Continue reading

Refrigerator Dill Pickles, Small Batch for #SundaySupper

I love, love, love  this week’s #SundaySupper theme! Preserving the Harvest #SundaySupper is being hosted by Heather over at Hezzi-D’s Books and Cooks. The team is presenting all types of great things to do to preserve the season’s bounty of fresh ingredients. From Jams to Pickles, it is all being shared. Continue reading

Blackberry Caprese Salad with Blackberry Balsamic Reduction #TheSaladBar

Welcome to the first ever #TheSaladBar Post! Thank you Wendy at The WeekendGourment for putting this all together.  I was so excited when this opportunity presented itself. Unprocessed Summer is my goal and salads are pretty fresh foods. Actually, Summer and Fall are the best time of year to utilize salads as meals in my opinion. All the fresh, local ingredients…  what more could the foodie in me need?

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Not So Deviled Eggs for a #SundaySupper Easter

010Pretty dresses, lilies and bonnets at church, bunnies, eggs and baskets at home… those are the images I think of when I think of Easter. However, I am the mom of boys. There are no pretty dresses and bonnets. Baskets are not filled with marshmallow ducks or chocolate bunnies. My boys like beef jerky. Cashiers must think I give the lamest Easter Baskets ever, but my boys love them. I do indulge in fancy egg decorating. I have even taken a class on Ukrainian Egg decorating, Pysanka.

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