Spinach Berry Salad for a Heart Healthy #SundaySupper

The month of February is Heart Health month. People are wearing red and spreading awareness for heart disease. Eating healthy meals is one of the ways to help combat this disease. February is also the month that I am officially over snow and being cooped up indoors eating casseroles. I want to eat fresh foods, even more than on January 1st when so many of us make a resolution to do so. Continue reading

Barley Salad

This year, I have been trying to stay away from highly processed foods. This  has asked me to get creative with ingredients. Stepping out of my comfort zone of rice or even quinoa, and try new things. Grains, Carbs, they can get a bad reputation in my opinion, but I like my grains and so I need to be more adventurous when I use them. My new grain of choice… Barley. It is not just for the condensed beef soups that you may have grown up with. Barley is awesome.  Continue reading

Grilled Salad with Skirt Steak #ChooseDreams #WeekdaySupper

Once the heat of July really hits, you will find me grilling most of our meals. Grilling brings an endless array of great ways to makeover meals. Salad and Steak… total classic, we have all had it. Now, Grilled Salad, that is something new. Let me tell you, the colors and flavors that grilling your classic salad ingredients brings out is amazing! You have to give it a try.

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Blackberry Caprese Salad for Recipe Countdown 2013

Blackberry Caprese This recipe is one of my all time favorites. I love everything about eating fresh and eating what is in season. The ingredients are at the peak of flavor. Eating seasonally also makes things just a little bit more special. If you eat blackberries all year long, do you truly appreciate when they make their return to the vines? Is there anything better than the sun warmed fruit? Well, sure, but they are really hard to beat. With only the berries that I have put up from the summer to last me until the next harvest… the anticipation is already building. Continue reading

Spaghetti Salad… Recipe Countdown 2013

This has been my first year blogging from my very own ” .com”.  Moving over from my rambling blogger blog, was so exciting. My wonderful Aunt Brenda helped me to set it all up. Thank you Aunt Brenda!  This year, I have made new friends, entertained old ones and throughout kept my family well fed. Even if I had to photograph the food before they could eat it. Not too bad a trade off, I hope.  Blogging has been a great learning experience. I found that I love writing as much as I love reading. I am pretty much in love with words and language. Pretty nice for someone who makes her living in an elementary school library and literacy support program. Continue reading

Stuffed Baby Sweet Peppers {for #SundaySupper Labor Day Party}

It is Labor Day weekend. The official end to summer in Michigan. Beaches close and kids head back to school. Leaves on the trees are starting to turn and my tomatoes will never ripen. Seriously, what happened to the summer? I am sending my oldest boy off to his Freshman year of high school on Tuesday. This blows my mind. Wasn’t I just in high school my self? Wasn’t he just learning to walk on his own? Continue reading

Mediterranean Style Pasta Salad for #TheSaladBar

For July’s #TheSaladBar we have all come up with Salads that you can take to a potluck. One of my favorite things to bring to cookouts, parties or potlucks is a pasta salad. Pasta bulks up  salads and is a great way to feed many people. This July,  Michigan, has been much cooler than in the years past. There has been a ton of rain and our garden is growing wildly. I am certainly noGreek Pasta Saladt complaining, but I wanted something to showcase all the fresh veggies that are in season. Mediterranean cuisine is filled with fresh ingredients and olive oil. What better than to combine all these into a pasta salad to share with family and friends.

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Blackberry Caprese Salad with Blackberry Balsamic Reduction #TheSaladBar

Welcome to the first ever #TheSaladBar Post! Thank you Wendy at The WeekendGourment for putting this all together.  I was so excited when this opportunity presented itself. Unprocessed Summer is my goal and salads are pretty fresh foods. Actually, Summer and Fall are the best time of year to utilize salads as meals in my opinion. All the fresh, local ingredients…  what more could the foodie in me need?

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Spaghetti Salad for a #SundaySupper Picnic

1157 It is Memorial Day Weekend and that alone takes me back to so many great family BBQ’s and Picnics. In Michigan, the weekend marks the opening of the lakes and beaches. The last frost is hopefully behind us and the planting season is in full swing this weekend. My garden is definitely going in.

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