Spring Time in the Apple Orchard

While Autumn is my very favorite season, Spring time holds a special place. It is a promise of renewal and rebirth. I don’t know about you, but for me it is the reward for bleak late winter winds and cold. Continue reading

Summer Thoughts

Summer Vacation… just those two little words can bring out so many emotions. Hot days, cool nights, a long stretch of freedom. No alarm clocks, no deadlines. Summer Vacation is the stuff of childhood dreams and as an adult who works in education, I am one of the lucky few to get to enjoy it.  Continue reading

Passions, Seeds and Updates

Dear Great Grandchildren,

Today, I want to talk about passions or more accurately, finding your passions in life. It is important to follow the things that move you, inspire you, gets your blood pumping and mind churning. Your passions are yours and are individual.  There will be others who may share your passions, but it is entirely up to you what those passions are.  They are what makes you, you. Continue reading