Homemade Kahlua {Gifts From the Kitchen #SundaySupper}

If you are like me, the Holidays are a time of family and tradition. Thanksgiving kicks off the season and now we are in a mad dash to find the best gifts, bake the best cookies and treats, all to make the Holidays special for the people we love. Continue reading

Banana Split Pie… #SundaySupper has got you covered

Thanksgiving has been packed away. The Christmas decorations are in full force at my house. The tree is trimmed and stockings are hung. It is one of my most favorite times of year. I love the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season. We try to hit all the parties and see everyone that we can. Then there is the baking. I love to bake for my family and friends during the Holiday season. Cookies, cakes, bread puddings… just to name a few. Sometimes, you need a quick dessert, something you can throw together, a no-bake kind of pie to take with you to a last minute potluck. I have just the pie for you. Continue reading

Red, White and Blue Dessert Parfaits {for a BBQ #SundaySupper}

It’s Summer and BBQ season. One of the largest of BBQ days is almost upon us… The 4th of July. The day that American’s set aside to celebrate Independence. The History of this day and time period is my favorite time period that I studied. In fact, I love this time period so much that when I finished my B.A. in US History, I was quick to jump into Grad School. The documents, the social implications, the morals and indignation of a people. I love every part of the story that is the beginning history of the United States and celebrating it. Doesn’t hurt that I also like parades and firework shows. Continue reading

Not So Deviled Eggs for a #SundaySupper Easter

010Pretty dresses, lilies and bonnets at church, bunnies, eggs and baskets at home… those are the images I think of when I think of Easter. However, I am the mom of boys. There are no pretty dresses and bonnets. Baskets are not filled with marshmallow ducks or chocolate bunnies. My boys like beef jerky. Cashiers must think I give the lamest Easter Baskets ever, but my boys love them. I do indulge in fancy egg decorating. I have even taken a class on Ukrainian Egg decorating, Pysanka.

Continue reading

Sangria…for the Legal Drinking Age Crowd only

Ahhh, It’s summer and the temperatures have soared. The days are long and if we are lucky they have a nice breeze of refreshing air to dance about us as we enjoy the outdoors. When summer hits, my eating and drinking habits seem to change. The food and drink that I crave lean more towards fresh, cool, crisp, light, flavorful and not labor intensive to make. Drinking plenty of water is always something I try to do and iced tea is a staple at my house, however, when the days are hot and I want something with a little more flavor and fun than iced tea and water, I like to enjoy a nice glass of Sangria.  Continue reading