The Great Egg Mystery… on Community Chickens

Friends, if you follow me on twitter and facebook, you have seen me post pics of my broody hen sitting on eggs. There is a Great Egg Mystery at my house and I am sharing this over at Community Chickens. Continue reading

Scones inspired by the Movie Tea With Mussolini #SundaySupper

DSCN1956This week’s theme for #SundaySupper is Movie Inspired Dishes  hosted by the ever talented Heather at Girlichef . My family loves movies, from my husband to my sons we have fans from all the movie genres at my house. Did anyone notice that I left myself out of that last sentence? I did, I have to admit… My name is Shannon and I do not watch movies. Isn’t that awful? I have always been a reader and rarely sit down to watch a movie. The boys can pop on a movie and I can read my book and we are all happy. Date night with my husband? I would rather catch a Detroit Tigers Game, but I do sit through the occasional movie for him. With my lack of Movie knowledge, I was worried about this theme. What would I make, did I even know a movie that would inspire my taste buds?

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Fun Feathers… Over at Community Chickens



Are you picking out new chicks? Planning to add chickens to your existing flock or starting a flock? I just posted over at Community Chickens about a fun, fancy, feather color that I love to see in my backyard. Laced is the term, as in Silver Laced, Golden Laced, and Blue Laced Red… in my instance.

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Spring’s Chicks to 4-H Projects

Hello Everyone! I have a new post over at Community Chickens.

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Not So Deviled Eggs for a #SundaySupper Easter

010Pretty dresses, lilies and bonnets at church, bunnies, eggs and baskets at home… those are the images I think of when I think of Easter. However, I am the mom of boys. There are no pretty dresses and bonnets. Baskets are not filled with marshmallow ducks or chocolate bunnies. My boys like beef jerky. Cashiers must think I give the lamest Easter Baskets ever, but my boys love them. I do indulge in fancy egg decorating. I have even taken a class on Ukrainian Egg decorating, Pysanka.

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Asparagus and Spring Onion Frittata for #SundaySupper



This Week’s theme for #SundaySupper is Springtime dishes. This was a hard one for me. Living in Michigan, Springtime has not quite yet hit our area. We went to bed with the temps lingering around 30F and woke up to a blanket of fresh snow. The Chill in the air tells us that we are still in Winter’s grip but the longer days are telling us another story, the sun shines longer and there is hope that Springtime is around the corner.

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Hi everyone…

I just wanted to share a picture of my dozen eggs. Note the “Wind Egg” is still in the reusable carton. I still have not decided just what to do with it. The ladies in my backyard, Blue Laced Red Wyandottes, have been busy with the longer days.

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Surprise In The Egg Boxes on Community Chickens

The days have been getting longer and our egg production is starting to increase. This past week, as I was checking in on the nesting boxes, looking, hopeful,  for eggs, I came across a surprise. There in the nest box was a teeny, tiny, little, blue egg. My Easter Egger laid what is known on the net as a “Wind Egg”.

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Avocado, Bacon and Egg Boats


Happy Monday!

I have to share my lunch story with you today. It has been cold and snowy these last few days. Last night, rain moved in and quickly froze, leaving the roads a mess and no school for the kids or me today. Home, with hungry kids, means trouble in the kitchen.  After feeding them french toast for breakfast, soup and sandwiches for lunch, I was starving myself. Out of bread, I set about thinking what can I do with some eggs.

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