Vernors Cake for a Hometown #SundaySupper

There are a few things that scream Michigan to me. Cherries fresh from the tree in July,  Whitefish from the shores of Lake Superior, Apples and all things apple crisp in the Fall, and of course Vernors Ginger Ale all year round. Continue reading

Lemon Thyme Ice Pops #SundaySupper

It is a Holiday weekend. Lots of fun to be had. The heat of July and August are sure to be on the way… right? We actually spent the 4th bundled into sweatshirts to watch the fireworks. It was chilly down by the lake, but it was beautiful. There is just something magical in a small town festival. Parades, picnics, swimming in a lake and of course fireworks. Continue reading

Banana Split Pie… #SundaySupper has got you covered

Thanksgiving has been packed away. The Christmas decorations are in full force at my house. The tree is trimmed and stockings are hung. It is one of my most favorite times of year. I love the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season. We try to hit all the parties and see everyone that we can. Then there is the baking. I love to bake for my family and friends during the Holiday season. Cookies, cakes, bread puddings… just to name a few. Sometimes, you need a quick dessert, something you can throw together, a no-bake kind of pie to take with you to a last minute potluck. I have just the pie for you. Continue reading

Inspired Cinnamon Espresso Bread Pudding {in a jar} #SundaySupper

Oh Friends, I have a bit of a confession to make. You see, I am obsessed with Mason Jars. I love them! I love to use them for everything, from making lotion to salad dressings, everything goes in a mason jar. They are great for gift giving too. Someone you know is sick? Give them the gift of chicken noodle soup…in a mason jar. I use them for cut flowers or as drinking cups. Really, mason jars fill so many needs around my home, more than just for canning, but I do that with them too. Continue reading