Dandelion Oil Salve

Save the Dandelion… It is all over Facebook as a warning to preserve the dandelions for bees. One post I saw stated that dandelion’s “are the very first food source for bees after a long winter”. That may very well be true, but save some of the dandelions for yourself too. These underutilized plants have so many qualities! Continue reading

Spring Chick Dreaming over at Community Chickens

It is that time of year that I am yearning for the Spring Thaw. Our ground is frozen, there is snow everywhere…and the wind is just bitter cold. Seed and Hatchery catalogs start arriving and the anticipation grows. I am so ready for Spring and new chicks. Continue reading

Hipster Chicken Keeping

Hipster or not, I am a backyard chicken keeper.  I love so many things about keeping chickens. I love the lessons learned about taking care of animals, nutrition and where food comes from as well as empathy for animals. Chicken keeping is therapeutic for me. It brings me peace. But, there is work involved and chicken keeping in the winter is not always fun. I have a new post up at Community Chickens titled Snow, Chickens and Hipsters.  This is all about my latest adventure of chicken keeping in the frozen land of Michigan as well as recent opinions on hipster chicken keepers.

Continue reading

The Great Egg Mystery… on Community Chickens

Friends, if you follow me on twitter and facebook, you have seen me post pics of my broody hen sitting on eggs. There is a Great Egg Mystery at my house and I am sharing this over at Community Chickens. Continue reading