Summer Thoughts

Summer Vacation… just those two little words can bring out so many emotions. Hot days, cool nights, a long stretch of freedom. No alarm clocks, no deadlines. Summer Vacation is the stuff of childhood dreams and as an adult who works in education, I am one of the lucky few to get to enjoy it.¬†

But, what does the school employee do with summers off? Well, this year I prepped a ton of library books for check outs. I bought supplies. Made plans for the next school year…big plans. I volunteered… a lot. And, I got a summer job. I am managing a Farmers Market that our local township hosts.

Summer 1

Not the Summer Vacation of my youth. It has still been a great summer. It is nice to be the parent who is home most of the time with my boys. I enjoy making the breakfast and not just a rushed bowl of cereal. I enjoy the family dinners out on the patio. Life is still busy, but it has a laid back feel to it. My oldest took drivers training. I have been relegated to passenger in my own jeep. However, the bonus is that he has a new found love of going to run errands. It is nice to have a partner to go grocery shopping with. Although, now that I think about it, he sneaks way more goodies into the cart than he did when he was 7. Longer arms… hmmmm

Today is the first of August. To me, that means back to school. Time to get the house back into a routine. Time to get things ready, prepare, physically and mentally for the changing of the seasons. We are leaving behind elementary school. Our family is in a new phase in life. We have one in High School and one in the Middle School. No more class parties and sticky fingers to hold as we walk home from school. This year, there will be buses and cars. Let me tell you, it used to be a problem having a million bikes in the front yard to trip over and now my oldest boy’s friends drive over. It is surreal.

Summer 2

We are prepping the half bath/laundry room to be more half bath than laundry room because 3 of us will be on the same waking, get ready for school, schedule. I hear life with girls is hard on bathroom time, sorry to dash the hopes of parents of young boys… but life with boys is hard on the bathroom time too. And the mess. . . Hazmat level defcon 5.

August is also time to freeze and can veggies and fruits for the winter. Herbs need to dry. ¬†Pickles… yea I need to make up my pickles. My garden is in a cycle of not doing much at all. Lots of green veggies that have not yet ripened. I have picked a few tomatoes to try out the window sill. Maybe that will help them along. Still, nothing is better than a sun warmed tomato fresh from the vine.

I love Summer Vacation, but there is something about the plannings and prepping of August that really speaks to me. I like to have a task to do. Relaxing at leisure is just not my thing. I need to be elbows deep into something. Volunteer work, school work, work work… I love all that. August always starts with a sense of purpose for me. A renewed drive to make this coming year a great one. A new commitment to enjoy the time with family and friends, but also to enjoy my work. Sure, New Years Eve gets the fireworks and big parties, but August is a quiet homestretch that puts the previous year to rest as we, at least in my home, gear up for the new year.

Summer 3

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