Stuffed Baby Sweet Peppers {for #SundaySupper Labor Day Party}

It is Labor Day weekend. The official end to summer in Michigan. Beaches close and kids head back to school. Leaves on the trees are starting to turn and my tomatoes will never ripen. Seriously, what happened to the summer? I am sending my oldest boy off to his Freshman year of high school on Tuesday. This blows my mind. Wasn’t I just in high school my self? Wasn’t he just learning to walk on his own?


This recipe is one that I like to make as an appetizer or snack.  Even better, the party leftovers pack perfectly into a lunch box. When #SundaySupper decided to do a Labor Day Party, I knew I had to share it. Eating these stuffed baby peppers is like a handheld salad of goodness.

Stuffed Baby Sweet Peppers


  • Baby Sweet Peppers (Top cut off and seeded)
  • Whipped Cream Cheese
  • Cucumber (julienned)
  • Carrots (julienned)
  • Chives
  • Green Onion (just the green scallion part is needed)
  • Fresh Cracked Pepper
  • Salt (to taste...I do not add any additional salt, but that is a preference choice)


Step 1
Chop your veggies and prepare to stuff your peppers. Mix the cream cheese, chives, scallions and fresh cracked black pepper.
Step 2
Using the whipped cream cheese, makes the stuffing of the peppers a bit easier. I first pipe in the cream cheese,
Step 3
Then add in the julienned veggies.
Step 4
They are ready to serve as soon as you have them stuffed or chill until your event.


The crunch of the peppers and carrots coupled with the refreshing, sweet, cucumbers and the herbs mixed in the cream cheese is just magic in each bite. The colors are eye candy on your table. You can add more veggies if you like. I have thought about adding spinach ribbons to these. Wouldn’t that be a great way to add spinach in to some people (Husband’s) diet?! Next time.

Stuffed Baby Sweet Peppers


The #SundaySupper team has been hard at work making awesome dishes to share with you for your Labor Day/Party needs. Be sure to check out all the other great recipes. You can also find us on Pinterest and our live Twitter Chat, Sunday at 7pm Est. Just follow along with the hashtag #SundaySupper. We would love to have you.

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48 thoughts on “Stuffed Baby Sweet Peppers {for #SundaySupper Labor Day Party}

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  6. Oh those are super cute and so quick to prepare Shannon! They fit so well to the sundaysupper theme but also to the summer/autumn season change due to the bright colors.
    I hope your boy will have a good start into the new school year!

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  15. These are fantastic! I adore how the colors mirror the colors in the changing trees in your first pictures. Just beautiful!

  16. Ooh love your sweet peppers and the fillings !!Lovely colors and texture too 🙂 Good luck to your son for this school year and yes,they grow sooo fast :)I cannot believe my daughter is ten already!

  17. Now these little pepper appeez are keepers for me! I love the stuffing and have seriously fallen in love with mini bell peppers (almost using them in my swordfish skewers for this week’s Sunday Supper). I’m so glad to have found and now following your blog. Your chickens are especially beautiful and if it weren’t for my husband, I’d have dozens of them on my acreage!


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