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It seems that I have lost myself in posting on other sites and have neglected my very own page. What was I thinking?! But, in reality that happens. Life gets busy and things get pushed around. I love to write. What started as a hobby, a bit of a jump to the “wild side” has truly become a passion. So why did I let this go? As a mom, it is easy to put what is important to me aside and throw myself into what is important to my family. Hey, I recognize it, totally owning it up here. I became short sited.

Today, I am spending a moment, updating the world on what has been happening in my world. We got new chicks this Spring. I brooded them in my bathroom and then they became garage chickens. That was fun. This week, I have successfully integrated my new teenage chicks into the coop with the older ladies. I started this by having play dates and letting the chicks out in the run, but under supervision and with protection. You can read about all the fun over at Community Chickens.

New Chicks to my flock and other fun tales...

Our garden is in full force. The herbs are wonderfully fragrant and the tomatoes have finally blossomed. My heirloom Brandywines were the winners of the Mater Cup, First to Flower division. I also have some Cherokee Blacks that I am anxious to enjoy.

The boys are in summer sports. Baseball is in full force with a hint of soccer to come. I do love my evenings on the baseball field. I love to sit back and watch the boys do what they love to do. There is nothing like seeing them in their element and growing.

My Littlest, not so little, at the ball field

My trusty sidekick, my dog soul mate, Nyla Marie,  passed away last November. It didn’t take me long to grab a puppy to fill that void. What can I say, I love dogs. Roscoe Riley Auto Parts, is an Anatolian Shepard mix is starting to settle in to his long gangly legs. He does not realize his size though and is dumbfounded when he can not fit on my lap anymore. Poor lovey.

Roscoe not a good Yoga partner after all.

Last summer, I did not slow down to smell the roses so to speak. I worked a second job as a Farm Market Manager. That experience was great, but this summer I am not doing much of anything. It is time to slow down, recharge a bit. The great outdoors is my relaxation medicine and I plan to take in a lot of it. The last school year at work was emotionally hard. I am lucky in that I get to work with students k-5. I get to be a constant in some of their lives for many years before they leave me to go to the middle school. This last group of 5th Graders were special and I will miss them. I hate losing track of my kids, as yes, I see them as mine, once they fly the coop and leave behind elementary. I am taking this summer to process that. Anyone who thinks that educators are in it for the money have not worked in a school building. But, that is a rant for another day. I instead am off to a baseball game. My nephew has a double header and I want front row seats to watch him play.

Sun Tea Brewing On The Dock




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