Spring Time in the Apple Orchard

While Autumn is my very favorite season, Spring time holds a special place. It is a promise of renewal and rebirth. I don’t know about you, but for me it is the reward for bleak late winter winds and cold.

There is an apple orchard not far from my house. We go there often in the summer and fall. There are berries and apples,honey,  wine, donuts and cider, all the things you think of when you think Apple Orchard. I could live on the apple cider slushies. However, I have never really slowed down to truly appreciate the beauty of an apple orchard in the spring.  This is about taking time not just to smell the roses, but to stop and appreciate the apple blossom.

Beehives are set out. You can see the jars of sugar water attached to help supplement the bees. The trees are in full bloom and absolutely beautiful. Soon, the pollinators that are housed ever so purposefully on the edge of the rows of trees will be out sprinkling their magic. 


Even on a dreary day like today, the sweet smell of blooms permeated the air. They gave us a promise, one that these delicate flowers would soon bear fruit. The branches of the magnificently twisted trees would soon enough be laden with heavy apples. The wagons will be there for hay rides. Laughter will be added to the sounds in the air as families pick apples and pumpkins, as they feed the goats and chickens, as they appreciate nature.


Even on this quiet Saturday, with the noise of a few chickens and the occasional snicker of a pony, the rustle of the apple blossoms carried out and gave us mother nature’s promise. That even after a long and cold dormant winter, the blossoms of the Spring will give way to the fruits of the summer and fall. Life goes on in its beautiful circle.



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