Seasonal Eating

Seasonal Eating is something that goes along with eating simple, fresh foods. In Michigan, I simply can not get watermelon in December. Well, truth be told, I could, but it would not be the watermelon that I enjoy on a warm July day. Its sweetness would not be the same, having been grown in another part of the country and trucked or flown to my area. The quality of food that is in my local store out of season is a large part of what began my move to local fresh eating. Tomatoes in January, in Michigan grocery stores, are just not the same as the sun warmed, vine ripened ones from summer. 



Yesterday, I shared a recipe for my version of Jambalaya. I love the spicy heat during the chilly fall days. Stews, soups, roasts of beef or pork… those are all seasonal dishes in my book. They just are not the same in the heat of summer. Just as cold gazpacho would not work for me in December. This is true for my animals too.





I recently shared a post on Community Chickens about an Oatmeal Mash that I make for the chickens during the fall and winter months when the foods they forage for get slim. The garden has just about stopped producing, the grass is yellowing and there is a frost most morning. In a few months time, the ground will freeze. It is during this time, that I like to offer my ladies a little extra beyond their commercial layer crumbles. Picky ladies, they do not like the pellets.


Chicken Food Oatmeal Mash

If we are indeed what we eat, and my family and I eat their eggs, I want the ladies to feast on greens, veggies and fruits. Also, they are spoiled a bit, I can admit that. My ladies enjoy their warm breakfast on a cold day. I cool it to room temperature before serving it up though. I have yet to see them just enjoy it, they like to scratch it about first. You know, added flavor I guess. lol



For my simple recipe, you can find it here at the Community Chickens Blog.  A Pinterest Pin is also available if you would like to save it for a future time, when your neck of the woods may get a bit chillier.


Michigan Fall Day






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