Recipe Countdown 2013… Finale

For the month of December I have been counting down my most popular recipes of the year. It has been fun to revisit my recipes all the goodies. I had a blast putting them together. Some were big hits with my family, some with my friends, some only with pinterest, but I liked each and every one of them. Today’s recipe was a hit with all of the above. Fittingly it is also a #SundaySupper recipe. I do love that movement, don’t I? 

So, without further ado… My recipe for Refrigerator Dill Pickles. (And the crowd goes wild)

Pack Pickles

I first posted this recipe in July of 2013. It was part of a Preserving the Harvest #SundaySupper. Which, incidentally was probably my most favorite theme of the year. Go figure, me, harvest, preserving…favorites. Yea, I saw that one coming too. Pickles

Tomorrow, I plan on spending the very first day of 2014 with my family. The Christmas Decorations are scheduled to be taken down. I may or may not prepare a ham. I haven’t made one this entire holiday season and I miss the leftovers. I am also planning, after all the Christmas cheer is packed away, to peruse through the seed catalogs that have started to come in the mail. Right about now, I am really missing Spring and the smell of dirt and grass. I have large hopes for my garden this year. I learned my lessons at my first attempt at raised beds. Tomatoes, carrots, peppers, all those did great, but my squash and melons…not so much. So this year, I am planning a combination of both raised and straight sowed into the ground. I loved the weed control the raised beds gave me. I hardly had to weed at all. So far, in my head, I am going to use the raised beds as the centerpiece and around them plant the melons and squash. In my head, this is going to be epic. There also needs to be an overhaul on the chicken coop. The freeze and thaw of the ice storm has had an affect on the coop. Remedies there are starting to form…in my head. lol I have to work at putting all these great ideas down on paper.

Ice on the Fence

Goals for 2014… Get the ideas out of just my head and put them on paper. Also, I want to be more unprocessed in life. I want to write more. I want to take better pictures. That is going to take some learning. It is a good thing I have friends who are amazing shutter bugs. (Liz, Jennifer, Ang…you know who you are) I wonder…in my head, if I can make them food for lessons. Word on the street is that I make mean pickles 😉

So Good Bye 2013, you have been a good year. One that brought me many challenges, but one that I feel I have learned from so that makes 2013 a success. Hello 2014… you and I, we are going to make beautiful music together.



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