Quick Meatless Dinner Option

Seems that I have been on a potato kick lately and that’s ok, because who doesn’t love potatoes? They are hearty and pair well with just about anything. Tonight, my boys were having a hunkering for hotdogs and mac and cheese, even the Husband had jumped on this band wagon. Not that there is anything wrong with hot dogs or mac and cheese, but I was just not in the mood. Their request was prepared, but I decided to make myself my own little delicacy. What did I have to lose; if it came out horribly wrong, there was hot dogs and mac and cheese already made right? lol 

Not having large baking potatoes, I had to make do with Yukon Gold mini’s. This was no problem for me; I actually prefer their rich butter texture and taste to the plain ol’ Idaho Russets. I decided to spray my potatoes with a little cooking olive oil spray and sprinkle with some sea salt and pierced them with a fork to let steam escape. Into the oven they went to be baked.

While they were baking, I sautéed an onion in olive oil cooking spray. Once that was translucent, I added corn shucked off the cob and a ¼ cup of water. Let this cook until the corn is done. Then, to the pot I added a drained can of no salt-added black beans and threw in a handful of cherry tomatoes from my garden on a whim. Mixed this all together with 1 tablespoon of Tony Chachere’s Creole seasoning and left it simmering on my stovetop. You could add in hot sauce for more of a kick.

When the potatoes were done baking, I set them on a plate and slit them open. I then spooned the black bean mixture over the top and sprinkled with some cheddar cheese. This was fabulous and very fresh tasting. I had originally planned to top them with salsa, but the steamed/sautéed cherry tomatoes really added a great flavor so I went with that instead. They may have just been my favorite part of the dish in the end. Their little bursts of bright fresh flavor really complimented the sweet corn and spicy black beans.

Enjoy 🙂

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