Passions, Seeds and Updates

Dear Great Grandchildren,

Today, I want to talk about passions or more accurately, finding your passions in life. It is important to follow the things that move you, inspire you, gets your blood pumping and mind churning. Your passions are yours and are individual.  There will be others who may share your passions, but it is entirely up to you what those passions are.  They are what makes you, you.

Some things that I am passionate about, literacy, writing, nature, being connected to the land, relationships, food. These are things that matter to me. Inspiring children to love reading and writing matters to me. Being outdoors, gardening or hiking, matters to me. Building and nurturing relationships with my family, friends, community, matter to me. Cooking real foods matters to me.  These are things that make me, who I am. Pursuing them inspires me, recharges me, and makes me a better person.

In life, find your passions. Invest in you, make time to pursue them as doing so will make  you a better you. Never let someone dowse the fire of your passions. Go for it in life, just go for it.

Seeds? Yes, that was part of the title. This year, I am later in starting mSeedsy seeds indoors. This winter has been a long and cold one. I am taking a gamble. I am gambling that starting them later will prevent them from getting too “leggy” when I put them in the ground. So far, the tomatoes, peppers, carrots, herbs are all sprouting little bits of green. I have pots and trays stashed all around my house. It is my passion. I like playing in the dirt, cultivating real food, food that I will cook and share with my family. I can live with the fact that my house at the moment appears cluttered with these plants. People who know me and visit me, know that this is part of who I am.  My largest challenge at the moment is keeping my cats out of the pots and trays. They mostly want to swat them off shelves.  Last year, we had the Great Tomato Fiasco. The cats knocked over my perfectly graphed and laid out heirloom tomato seedlings leaving me with unidentified plants. They tasted delicious though. The tomatoes…not the cats.



Updates, reading and writing are another of my passions. I am privileged to work with children, helping them to discover the wonders of the written language. Blogging has been my outlet for writing. An opportunity at Community Chickens has led to my very first published in print article. Chicken Therapy is another passion of mine. I feel a true sense of calm and relaxation while watching my chickens in the yard. It is a simple activity, it connects me to the outdoors and to the circle of life. It is also the subject of my first article. You will find Chicken Therapy in the Summer Edition of Capper’s Farmer. On sale April 8, 2014.

Chicken  Therapy

All this comes down to passions. I may be tired at the end of the day, but pursuing my passions in life recharges me. Great Grandchildren, I hope that you too will pursue the things that matter to you in life. That you will go for it. Chase your dreams, inspire people and be inspired. Build and nurture relationships, connect yourself with nature. Be awed by the world.

Trees and Fog




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