My Latest Adventures

It is hard to believe that I have not posted on my own blog since August 17th. Shame on me. I love writing, it is one of the ways that I get to express myself creatively and share with my friends, family and followers all that I have been up to. It is therapeutic to write. 

Where to start…

At the end of August, my nephew came to live with me. He is wonderful and we love having him here. Life got busy getting him registered for school, health care, athletic activities and grocery shopping. Grocery shopping? Why yes, I have added a third hungry boy to my household. The amount of groceries that these boys consume is staggering. You wouldn’t believe if I told you. Suffice to say, it is worth it. I will have an over abundance of groceries when they all grow up and leave me.

My Three Boys

Driving… Oh My Goodness, not only is my newest boy 16 and has his driver licence, but my 15 year old got his permit. Holy Cannoli Batman is that some nerve wrecking stuff.  We also jeeped around Lake Superior. It is my all time, most favorite, spot in the world. There may or may not have been cliff diving involved. (Thanks Cousin Danny for that.)

Diving from Black Rocks Lake Superior

Sports… Well my newest boy is also an athlete. Throw one more car pool into my mix. I don’t really mind. I absolutely love watching my boys play their chosen sport. This Fall we had Soccer, Football and Baseball. I loved every one. Well, all three play baseball and I do love the sport of baseball…just saying.


Volunteering… You didn’t think I would stop that did you? No! In fact, besides volunteering as a Sports Booster, I jumped in to use my history degree and experience in title abstract and research to join a committee to reevaluate my little Village’s Historic District. I have to admit… I absolutely love having my hands on old maps and deed restrictions.


Writing… I haven’t given up on it, but I have been posting over at Community Chickens just a little more often. I want to share the links… I also have a total and complete nerd/success/freak out moment when Mother Earth News totally shared one of my articles on their Facebook page. It has been a highlight of mine. I love that publication!

Chicken Butts

So fear not friends, I am still about. Still plugging away and still want to share all that I am up to and learning with you. I can’t wait for the Holidays…. have you googled arm knitting? Lets just say, I am way better with my arms than needles and lots of loved ones may or may not be getting some arm knitted creations as gifts. Hypothetically speaking, of course.


PS… Look at how handsome my boys were at the Homecoming Dance. (Insert unapologetic, total Bragging Moment)

Homecoming Dance


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