Herbal Infusions, Lavender Water, Exciting News… Oh My

Good Morning Friends! I have some exciting news. I will be sharing posts over at Herbal Living. An online collection of all things herbal from Mother Earth Living. Yay! 

You know me, my poor kids are never sure what is mixing in my Kitchen Aid Mixer. It could be cookie dough or lotion. They definitely have to look first before tasting a beater attachment.

What got me on this herbal journey you might be wondering… Backyard chicken keeping is what really lead me down the herbal path. There are no chicken doctors in my area. To keep a flock of chickens, you get creative. It has been an awesome adventure that lead me down roads I never dreamed I would go. I have met amazing people along the way.

My first post at Herbal Living is one about making Lavender Water. This is a super simple project that is a great way to get your feet wet (maybe pun intended) in the herbal project world. It uses fresh cut lavender to make a soothing spray that can be used to freshen linens as well as soothe a savage sunburn. Check it out.



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