Hipster Chicken Keeping

Hipster or not, I am a backyard chicken keeper.  I love so many things about keeping chickens. I love the lessons learned about taking care of animals, nutrition and where food comes from as well as empathy for animals. Chicken keeping is therapeutic for me. It brings me peace. But, there is work involved and chicken keeping in the winter is not always fun. I have a new post up at Community Chickens titled Snow, Chickens and Hipsters.  This is all about my latest adventure of chicken keeping in the frozen land of Michigan as well as recent opinions on hipster chicken keepers.

“The moral of my story is this, hipster or not, chicken keeping is a commitment. As adults, we research, read, ask questions and then make informed decisions based on what we think is right. We live and we learn. Chicken keeping is an awesome thing in my book and the more people who are well informed and responsible keepers of chickens can be a wonderful thing.”

Blue Laced Red Wyandotte


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