Fall In My Neck of the World

Barns and TreesSummer is such a busy time for my family. The kids are all involved in something and I am the type that does not like to miss a thing. It is hard to remember to stop and smell the roses so to speak. This year was no different. I let life lead me instead of me leading my life. I got wrapped up in the day to day and forgot to just be still. To stop and enjoy moments. I need to get back to basics. Dial it back and remember to enjoy each moment for what they are worth. You don’t get these days back. 

Fall seems to be that time for me. A time to reflect. I like to grab my camera and head outside. Nature recharges my soul. Being outdoors brings me peace. Here are some of the picture I snapped.


: )

Wild Flowers and Weeds Pine Cones Nothing Like Michigan Fall Colors Guess What... Chicken Butt Lake time soothes the soul



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