Embracing A New Phase

Dear Great Grandchildren,

Last Night I attended a Middle School Orientation with my youngest boy. It seems like yesterday I was taking his older brother there. Shoot, if I am being honest, it seems like yesterday my parents were taking me to Middle School Orientation. It is cliche, I know, but really where does the time go?

I have been a mom for most of my adult life. I have changed diapers, wiped noses, walked to school holding the hands of my babies, taught little ones how to tie shoes, rides bikes, read books. It is a surreal moment to realize that I am leaving behind the elementary school phase of life. There are no more noses to wipe, lopsided clay projects and finger paints or shoes to tie… they can do all that themselves now.  I am leaving behind the phase in life where your babies need you all the time. Where Mama’s kiss fixes all boo-boos.  Where they want to hold your hand in public. Where they want to be seen with you at the mall. Where your opinion matters more than their friends.

Older children need their parents guidance even more than ever. They are becoming adults and consequences to actions have far more profound affects on their life than 5 minutes in the time out chair. Sex, drugs, drinking, ethics, relationships… those are going to be weighty conversations that must be had. Uncomfortable as they may be, these are realities that we have to face and as parents we have to arm our children with as much knowledge as we can.

It is not that older children don’t need you, because they do.  I know this. I still talk to my mom every single day at least once, so I know older kids still need their moms. It is just that it is, well… different. Things are not the same and they won’t be again.

This new phase is going to be hard, but I am making a decision to embrace it. I am embracing my boys growing into men. I will miss the chubby cheek babies that they were, but I admire the men they are growing into. It is easy to be swept up in being sad about things that will change and hard to make the decision to just be happy…  but it is one that has to be made. Not that I will not get a bit misty on my boys last day of school and who am I kidding, I have already begun pinning graduation party ideas for my oldest. Yea, I will cry like a baby when he graduates high school, but I will throw an epic party as well.

Great Grandchildren, realize that parents love you and that parenting is never easy. Realize that happiness is a mindset not just a feeling. Realize that change is hard. Realize that life stops for no one and embrace the time you have. Realize that Mother Nature can not be controlled any more than Father Time can be paused and replayed. Realize your mindset will affect your life. Embrace life, roll with the changes and find joy in new things.


My Boys



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