Dry Hopped Pale Ale… A Michigan Beer Review

Michigan is a great state to live in. Sure, we have some Murder Capitals, but that is not the be all, end all of Michigan. There are cities, suburbs, rural areas. There are miles and miles of coast line, inland lakes, rivers, waterfalls, streams… Michigan has a lot to offer.¬†

One of the great things emerging from Michigan is the beer scene. There are micro-brews, breweries, pubs, beer houses, popping up all over the state. One such brewery that is getting a lot of deserved attention is the Founders Brewery in Grand Rapids, MI.

I like a fine dry wine, a red preferably. Dry can be used to describe more than just wine. The beer that I choose today is Dry Hopped Pale Ale from Founders Brewery. It is smooth with a great dry finish. This is a pale ale and is murky, golden in color, with a short white head when poured. The aggressive use of hops in the brewing process leave this beer with great citrus notes, specifically grapefruit.Beer

I found the Dry Hopped Pale Ale to be refreshing. It compliments a nice summer day. Lucky us though, it is not a seasonal beer and it offered all year. I would pair this beer with seafood or ¬†something spicy. ¬†There is enough sweetness to combat the heat of a spicy dish. My mind is already turning… this would pair so well with Asian inspired cuisine. Spicy chicken skewers…spicy noodle bowls. Oh Yea! Where do I sign up?!

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