Chicken and Cheese Tortellini Soup for #SundaySupper

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Street View from my Village

Street View from my Village

This February in Michigan has been a cold one. Life at my house is spent bundling up children and fighting the snow and frozen waterers for the chickens. Seed catalogs have come and orders have been made. The days are getting longer and there is hope of Spring in the brisk air, but the cold is still lingering outside my door. On days when the wind is blowing and snow is swirling around, there is nothing better than a nice hot bowl of soup. It is as heart warming as it is body warming. For #SundaySupper this week, Pam of The Meltaways is hosting a Souper Sunday Supper.  I am contributing a Smoked Chicken Sausage and Cheese Tortellini Soup.




This Soup is hearty with its meat and cheese pasta but the broth is light, made with tomatoes and chicken stock. I use the Rind of Parmesan Cheese to help flavor the broth. This gives the broth a nice buttery flavor. The Soup is best served hot on a cold day, but it really is good just about anytime and anywhere.





Chicken and Cheese Tortellini Soup

Meal type Soup
Misc Freezable, Serve Hot


  • 26oz Chicken Stock
  • 15.5oz Canned diced Tomatoes undrained (This equals to 1 can)
  • 2 cups Water
  • 1lb Chicken Smoked Sausages (This came to 4 sausages for me)
  • 1/2 cup Brussel Sprout Leaves (I used about 5 large sprouts to get this many leaves)
  • 1lb Frozen Cheese Tortellini
  • 1 Parmesan Cheese Rind (optional)
  • 1 pinch Dried Oregano
  • 5 Basil Leaves (cut into ribbons...More for finishing each bowl of soup is optional )
  • 2 Green Onions (The onion for the broth and the Greens for the top of the soup for serving)
  • 1 Garlic Clove Minced
  • Salt and Pepper to taste


Step 1
Into a large pot, combine the Chicken Stock, Tomatoes and Water. Bring to a simmer
Step 2
To the simmering broth add in the Brussel Sprout Leaves, Parmesan Cheese Rind, Basil, Garlic, Onions and seasonings.
Step 3
Dice up your Smoke Chicken Sausages and add to the soup pot.
Step 4
Let soup simmer for 20 minutes to combine all the flavors. If your Parmesan rind becomes too soft and begins to fall apart, you can remove it from the soup. The Rind really adds a salty buttery flavor to the broth.
Step 5
Add in the frozen Cheese Tortellini. When the pasta is heated through, you can serve your soup
Step 6
For serving, I like to add extra basil ribbons and the greens of the green onion on top of each bowl. I also like to shave the Parmesan and add that to the top of the soup.



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  1. 2-24-2013

    Yes, this soup sounds heartwarming on a cold winter day!

  2. 2-24-2013

    This is my kind of soup. Yummmmy

  3. 2-24-2013

    A wonderful meal in one bowl! The cheese rind is a great flavoring idea, though I never used it in soups. Bundle up and have a great day!

  4. 2-24-2013

    What a great soup to have on a cold night and that picture looks mighty cold!! I’m from Buffalo and one thing I do not miss is the winter!! Love your soup, it’s one of my favorites!!

  5. 2-24-2013

    What a gorgeous soup! It’s freeezing here today…and I need something delish to warm me up!

    • 2-24-2013

      This would do the trick…maybe with a dash or 4 of hot sauce too :)

  6. 2-24-2013

    Yummy your soup sounds so good!

  7. 2-24-2013

    I love using chicken sausage – looks like a great soup!

  8. 2-24-2013

    Yum, this soup looks delicious! I want snow!

    • 2-24-2013

      Thank you! The snow is very pretty, but my February I am usually looking forward to green grass and warm sunshine. lol

  9. 2-24-2013

    Trully heart-warming!! And great for a everyday one-pot meal! I love the parmigiano touch.

    • 2-24-2013

      In my opinion that cheese and the rind really make the soup. Can’t go wrong with a good cheese.

  10. 2-24-2013

    This looks delish! I also loved you story on the wind egg!

  11. 2-24-2013

    This looks delish! I also loved your story on the wind egg!

  12. 2-24-2013

    The addition of chicken sausage is a nice change! I also love that you use brussels sprouts leaves.

    • 2-24-2013

      It is a great way to get people who don’t think they like brussels sprouts to give them a try. :)

  13. 2-24-2013

    I think this soup would excite any cold-weary visitor to your house. It’s cold here, but I’m sure not as cold as Michigan. This is hearty soup that is perfect for the weather conditions!

  14. 2-24-2013

    Beautiful soup! I love that you used the Parmesan rind in the broth. I need to try that!

  15. 2-24-2013

    I love the addition of tortellini in soup, I haven’t tried that but will soon!!

  16. 2-24-2013

    Parmesan and chicken sausage – great combination!

  17. 2-24-2013

    I love the chicken paired with the cheese tortellini, it sounds delicious!

  18. 2-24-2013

    I love tortellini! This one is a keeper! I love that you added sausage in it!

  19. 2-24-2013

    What a lovely soup! And thank you for the tips of using the Brussels Sprouts, and also the parmean cheese rind. I’ve never tried that, and I can imagine how buttery it would make it, like you wrote- love it!

  20. 2-24-2013

    YUM! I love tortellini in a soup!

  21. 2-24-2013

    Great combo for a cold winters night, Shannon!

  22. 2-24-2013

    What a lovely soup! Sausage provides such wonderful flavor, and I like the addition of Brussels sprouts leaves :)

  23. 2-24-2013

    We don’t get many good chicken sausages here :-( . Too bad!

  24. 2-25-2013

    This sounds like the perfect soup! I often also use the rind of the Paremsiano it makes such a delicious broth. I also add it to cheater’s pasta sauce and it always adds a nice touch :) ~ Bea @ Galactosemia in PDX

  25. 2-25-2013

    I love soup when it’s cold outside! Great recipe!

  26. 2-25-2013

    It certainly does look cold there. Nice soup to warm up with. I keep forgetting to add parmesan rind to my soups. #facepalm – Thanks for the reminder.

  27. 2-26-2013

    Love this recipe! And I love that you added a Parmesan Cheese Rind. . makes the soup so flavorful! Love it!

  28. 2-26-2013

    I have just placed my seed order as well and today I noticed that the daffodils are starting to come up. So there is hope that spring is just around the corner. But until then it is absolutely freezing here so soups like this are a must.

  29. 2-26-2013

    I am so jealous! Your street looks beautiful and this soup looks absolutely incredible!

  30. 2-27-2013

    A lovely soup with all my favourite ingredients! :-)

  31. 2-27-2013

    Rich, brothy soups like this are my favorite kinds – I could use a big bowlful to warm me up right this minute!

  32. 2-28-2013

    YuM! this soup sounds so good!

  33. 3-3-2013

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  34. 3-7-2013

    My kids love cheese tortellini ! Putting them in a chicken soup with all the other stuff you have in the recipe sounds like a great way to serve it ! Yummmmm ! Will be trying this for sure :)


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