Bucket List of Experiences 2017

Timing. They say, timing is everything. The last seven days, timing has been a theme. It started with an email asking what my 2017 bucket list would be and ended with the funeral of my children’s friend. Timing… they say is everything.  Continue reading

Embracing A New Phase

Dear Great Grandchildren,

Last Night I attended a Middle School Orientation with my youngest boy. It seems like yesterday I was taking his older brother there. Shoot, if I am being honest, it seems like yesterday my parents were taking me to Middle School Orientation. It is cliche, I know, but really where does the time go?

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Passions, Seeds and Updates

Dear Great Grandchildren,

Today, I want to talk about passions or more accurately, finding your passions in life. It is important to follow the things that move you, inspire you, gets your blood pumping and mind churning. Your passions are yours and are individual.  There will be others who may share your passions, but it is entirely up to you what those passions are.  They are what makes you, you. Continue reading

Kicking Off a New Page

This is my kick off, my very first “letter”. I have been rolling around this idea in my head for awhile now. My very first blog over on blogger was a little more fun to write. I shared recipes, made crafts, but I also rambled on about different things in my life. I miss that and so the Letters page is born.  Continue reading