Herbal Infusions, Lavender Water, Exciting News… Oh My

Good Morning Friends! I have some exciting news. I will be sharing posts over at Herbal Living. An online collection of all things herbal from Mother Earth Living. Yay!  Continue reading

Bucket List of Moments Updated

Just over a month ago, after life threw my family, my friends, my community a curve ball, I sat down and wrote out a bucket list. My list is all about moments. I want to have experiences, build relationships, see the magic in this world. GO ON ADVENTURES!  Continue reading

Bucket List of Experiences 2017

Timing. They say, timing is everything. The last seven days, timing has been a theme. It started with an email asking what my 2017 bucket list would be and ended with the funeral of my children’s friend. Timing… they say is everything.  Continue reading

My Latest Adventures

It is hard to believe that I have not posted on my own blog since August 17th. Shame on me. I love writing, it is one of the ways that I get to express myself creatively and share with my friends, family and followers all that I have been up to. It is therapeutic to write.  Continue reading

Summer Thoughts

Summer Vacation… just those two little words can bring out so many emotions. Hot days, cool nights, a long stretch of freedom. No alarm clocks, no deadlines. Summer Vacation is the stuff of childhood dreams and as an adult who works in education, I am one of the lucky few to get to enjoy it.  Continue reading

Lemon Thyme Ice Pops #SundaySupper

It is a Holiday weekend. Lots of fun to be had. The heat of July and August are sure to be on the way… right? We actually spent the 4th bundled into sweatshirts to watch the fireworks. It was chilly down by the lake, but it was beautiful. There is just something magical in a small town festival. Parades, picnics, swimming in a lake and of course fireworks. Continue reading

Kicking Off a New Page

This is my kick off, my very first “letter”. I have been rolling around this idea in my head for awhile now. My very first blog over on blogger was a little more fun to write. I shared recipes, made crafts, but I also rambled on about different things in my life. I miss that and so the Letters page is born.  Continue reading

Preparing my Chickens For Snow and Cold

Easter Egger

It is snowing up a storm here in Michigan. I have shared an article on what I have done to help my chickens for this snow storm and arctic chill that will be settling down over Michigan. They are tucked in, all snug as can be in their coop. There are extra layers of bedding and some added protein to their diets. I use meal worm for this. Your birds will use more calories staying warm in this weather and so I have adjusted their feed to help them. A heated water dish is also in the coop so that they have access to water. I plan on opening the coop as little as possible to keep the wind exposure to a minimum. For other tips, check out the Community Chickens Article. Continue reading

Recipe Countdown 2013… Finale

For the month of December I have been counting down my most popular recipes of the year. It has been fun to revisit my recipes all the goodies. I had a blast putting them together. Some were big hits with my family, some with my friends, some only with pinterest, but I liked each and every one of them. Today’s recipe was a hit with all of the above. Fittingly it is also a #SundaySupper recipe. I do love that movement, don’t I?  Continue reading

Seasonal Eating

Seasonal Eating is something that goes along with eating simple, fresh foods. In Michigan, I simply can not get watermelon in December. Well, truth be told, I could, but it would not be the watermelon that I enjoy on a warm July day. Its sweetness would not be the same, having been grown in another part of the country and trucked or flown to my area. The quality of food that is in my local store out of season is a large part of what began my move to local fresh eating. Tomatoes in January, in Michigan grocery stores, are just not the same as the sun warmed, vine ripened ones from summer.  Continue reading