Dandelion Oil Salve

Save the Dandelion… It is all over Facebook as a warning to preserve the dandelions for bees. One post I saw stated that dandelion’s “are the very first food source for bees after a long winter”. That may very well be true, but save some of the dandelions for yourself too. These underutilized plants have so many qualities! Continue reading

Spring Chick Dreaming over at Community Chickens

It is that time of year that I am yearning for the Spring Thaw. Our ground is frozen, there is snow everywhere…and the wind is just bitter cold. Seed and Hatchery catalogs start arriving and the anticipation grows. I am so ready for Spring and new chicks. Continue reading

Hipster Chicken Keeping

Hipster or not, I am a backyard chicken keeper.  I love so many things about keeping chickens. I love the lessons learned about taking care of animals, nutrition and where food comes from as well as empathy for animals. Chicken keeping is therapeutic for me. It brings me peace. But, there is work involved and chicken keeping in the winter is not always fun. I have a new post up at Community Chickens titled Snow, Chickens and Hipsters.  This is all about my latest adventure of chicken keeping in the frozen land of Michigan as well as recent opinions on hipster chicken keepers.

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Preparing my Chickens For Snow and Cold

Easter Egger

It is snowing up a storm here in Michigan. I have shared an article on what I have done to help my chickens for this snow storm and arctic chill that will be settling down over Michigan. They are tucked in, all snug as can be in their coop. There are extra layers of bedding and some added protein to their diets. I use meal worm for this. Your birds will use more calories staying warm in this weather and so I have adjusted their feed to help them. A heated water dish is also in the coop so that they have access to water. I plan on opening the coop as little as possible to keep the wind exposure to a minimum. For other tips, check out the Community Chickens Article. Continue reading

Apple Pie Pancakes

We love pancakes at my house. They are a great way to kick off a Saturday. Easy to whip together and fill bellies for a while. Today was no exception. My boys had friends over for the night so I had extra bellies to fill. Pancakes it was. My youngest loves all things carrot cake and for special days, he always requests carrot cake pancakes. They had been on my mind, but I wanted to try something else. Today, I experiments and fell in love with Apple Pie Pancakes. Yumm-o! Continue reading

Seasonal Eating

Seasonal Eating is something that goes along with eating simple, fresh foods. In Michigan, I simply can not get watermelon in December. Well, truth be told, I could, but it would not be the watermelon that I enjoy on a warm July day. Its sweetness would not be the same, having been grown in another part of the country and trucked or flown to my area. The quality of food that is in my local store out of season is a large part of what began my move to local fresh eating. Tomatoes in January, in Michigan grocery stores, are just not the same as the sun warmed, vine ripened ones from summer.  Continue reading

Chicken Therapy?

Chicken Therapy? Have I gone crazy? lol well that remains to be seen, but in reality Chickens are making a move into therapy animals. Check out my latest post on Community Chickens and read about what I of Chicken Therapy…


Spoiler: I kinda love it 🙂



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The Great Egg Mystery… on Community Chickens

Friends, if you follow me on twitter and facebook, you have seen me post pics of my broody hen sitting on eggs. There is a Great Egg Mystery at my house and I am sharing this over at Community Chickens. Continue reading

Fun Feathers… Over at Community Chickens



Are you picking out new chicks? Planning to add chickens to your existing flock or starting a flock? I just posted over at Community Chickens about a fun, fancy, feather color that I love to see in my backyard. Laced is the term, as in Silver Laced, Golden Laced, and Blue Laced Red… in my instance.

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Spring’s Chicks to 4-H Projects

Hello Everyone! I have a new post over at Community Chickens.

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