Bucket List of Experiences 2017

Timing. They say, timing is everything. The last seven days, timing has been a theme. It started with an email asking what my 2017 bucket list would be and ended with the funeral of my children’s friend. Timing… they say is everything. 

Sitting in a candle light vigil, surrounded by hundred (literally) of crying kids, puts things in a different perspective. Attending a funeral for someone who has spent the night at your house, puts things in a different perspective. Cooking food for their family, because food is the language of love and comfort in my Italian family, puts things in a different perspective. Timing has changed what my 2017 bucket list would be.

My 2017 bucket list is all about experiences. It is about not leaving things unsaid. It is about becoming more of a hugger and less of a hand shake kind of gal. It is about being positive and embracing a message that a wise beyond his years young man left behind. My bucket list is not about gaining wealth in the form of money or possessions, but in gaining wealth in the form of relationships and experiences. After all, those are the things that will one truly carries with them, in their soul, after all the worldly goods are gone.

In no particular order, in 2017 I would like to:

  • Read a book while my feet are digging in the wet sand of a Northern Michigan Lake
  • Watch my sons smile while doing something they love
  • Hold my Husband’s hand as we walk along a beach somewhere.
  • Go on adventures
  • Take pictures of a sunrise
  • Take pictures of a sunset
  • Talk with my mom over coffee in a small coffee shop in a town we have never visited
  • Read the same book as my dad and then talk about it
  • Drag my best friend out for hot dogs at a baseball field somewhere
  • Go to the farmers market and smell all the flowers
  • Plant a garden
  • Sing loudly, in my car, with the windows down, wind blowing my hair everywhere, as I drive down a dirt road just taking in the solitude of an old dirt road
  • Visit Family
  • Reconnect with old friends… in person
  • Hug more and shake hands less
  • Run through a sprinkler with my nephews and convince my preteen niece to run with us too
  • Give a compliment every day for the entire year
  • Attend Friday night football games
  • See a production at a local theater
  • Catch fireflies
  • See the positive in each day
  • Study different philosophies
  • Be creative
  • Write more

My 2017 bucket list is all about experiences. Time, is something that we as a people need to be conscious of. It is not a renewable resource. Time is limited. Time counts, or time should count. Relationships with people, experiences, learning, feeling, thinking, are what matter in this world. Embrace life, go for it, eat the cookie, drink the wine, wear the swimsuit and jump off the dock. Splash in a sprinkler, laugh until you cry, be joyful, be in the moment, just go for it…


I am going to be posting some pics when I accomplish some of my bucket list. Follow me on Instagram and check them out. @VillageGirlBlog


4 thoughts on “Bucket List of Experiences 2017

  1. I am an old lady and of course there are several things I wish I could have done over. The number one is that we worked way too hard, we didn’t enjoy our children as much as we should have. It was all saving for college and retirement. We never did fun things just for the heck of it. By the time the children were in college and we had retired my husband became extremely ill, being in the hospital 2 months. Our insurance went over the limit. We had to give up all our savings,sold our house ,and everything we had of value. We moved into a rental closest to our young son and his family. This is when we found God. God sent us to my husband’s small town where with his help we were able to buy the house next door to where he was born and raised. With Jesus’s help we bought the house for forty dollars down and owner finance. We have it half paid for,thank you Jesus. It had been completely redone and is 116 years old.I have a large garden that I give all our neighbors vegetables for the summer and fall. We are all in the same boat and we help each other. Our Church is on the hill above us and it’s a good old fashion church. God sent us to the place that He knew would make us happy. Enjoy your family more while you are young.now we miss the times we should have had. We don’t know if it was greed or just all the family demanding we needed to save everything.

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