Bucket List of Moments Updated

Just over a month ago, after life threw my family, my friends, my community a curve ball, I sat down and wrote out a bucket list. My list is all about moments. I want to have experiences, build relationships, see the magic in this world. GO ON ADVENTURES! 

Adventures, that is my new lease on life. Weekend trips? Ok! Long day trips? Ok! Random star-gazing? Ok!  I am pretty much game for all of it and I am going to share on my blog as I go. In a way this can hold me accountable. Stop the complacency. No falling into boring old ruts. There are adventures to have.


Hold my Husband’s hand as we walk along a beach somewhere. In this case Myrtle Beach.

Take pictures of sunrise. Spring Break 2017… I woke up early every single day to watch and photograph the sunrises. They were spectacular and I love that I got to experience them.


Read a book while my feet are digging in wet sand. Originally I said in a Northern Michigan lake. This time, I was at the Ocean. So half check on the bucket list. I am not letting my self off easy. I still need to enjoy a Northern Michigan Lake.

Watch my son smile while doing something he loves. Well there are 3 boys in our household and I want to capture each one smiling. So here is smile 1.

And you may not see the smile in this picture, but you know he sure is smiling.

Study different philosophies. This month has been a bit of a Buddhist journey. Meditation is the heart of this practice so to speak. Quieting your mind, being in a moment, allows you to be open to more.

So, off to a good start I’d say. My school year is winding down and the weather is just starting to turn nice here in Michigan. There are plans for my herb garden. I absolutely love fresh herbs. Lots of sandwich dinners packed in a cooler for me this summer. I smell adventures.

You can follow me on instagram and twitter. I will be tagging my pictures as #BucketList2017. It is also fun to see everyone else’s pictures with that hashtag.

Just a quick reminder of what I am doing.

In no particular order, in 2017 I would like to:

  • Read a book while my feet are digging in the wet sand of a Northern Michigan Lake… (/ half check because I read on a beach)
  • Watch my sons smile while doing something they love (2 sons and 1 Nephew so this is 3 parts) (X)
  • Hold my Husband’s hand as we walk along a beach somewhere. (X)
  • Go on adventures (Ever continuing)
  • Take pictures of a sunrise (X)
  • Take pictures of a sunset
  • Talk with my mom over coffee in a small coffee shop in a town we have never visited
  • Read the same book as my dad and then talk about it
  • Drag my best friend out for hot dogs at a baseball field somewhere
  • Go to the farmers market and smell all the flowers
  • Plant a garden
  • Sing loudly, in my car, with the windows down, wind blowing my hair everywhere, as I drive down a dirt road just taking in the solitude of an old dirt road
  • Visit Family
  • Reconnect with old friends… in person
  • Hug more and shake hands less
  • Run through a sprinkler with my nephews and convince my preteen niece to run with us too
  • Give a compliment every day for the entire year
  • Attend Friday night football games
  • See a production at a local theater
  • Catch fireflies
  • See the positive in each day
  • Study different philosophies (X)
  • Be creative
  • Write more
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