About Shannon

My name is Shannon and I am married and the mother of 2 boys. This is my journey and musings as a self proclaimed County Girl, living in town, or rather in the village. I try to live simple, with my motto as Back to Basics. Enjoy life and the little important things that make it worthwhile. Welcome to my world : )

Faux Ice Cream With Bananas #SundaySupper

Last January, I began my blog as a way to work through the death of my Grandfather. For the last few years of his life, my life revolved around caring for him. After his death, I found myself with some time on my hands. Little did I know that those early jottings would become something that I love so much. I have come to really look forward to sharing things on my blog and interacting with my readers. Another little did I know fact was that joining Twitter would lead me to #SundaySupper. I have said it before and I will say it again, the mission to return families to the dinner table for quality time and wholesome meals is very dear to me. Continue reading

Panettone Bread Pudding #SundaySupper

Panettone is an Italian sweet bread. Traditionally it is consumed over the Christmas and New Year Holidays in Italy. The bread has a flaky, buttery texture that is laden with dried fruits and nuts. Most often citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons are used but also can be combined with raisins. The baking process of this bread is a long one as I have found recipes that take a couple of days to proof the yeast and dough. I must admit, I love to bake bread, but not this bread. I buy this bread from our local specialty store when the Holiday season comes around and it is more easily found. Continue reading

Crostini with Voodoo Chicken Dip #SundaySupper

The last couple of days have been haunting to me. What happened in Connecticut and the loss of all those innocent lives saddens me to my core. I work in an elementary school, I have elementary age children and to be honest sleeping the last few nights have been next to impossible for me. Today, I woke up and decided I have to put on my smile and make this Holiday season a good one for my family. I will not let that mad gunman ruin one more family’s Holidays. With a painful reminder that we are not guaranteed tomorrow, I will be hugging my boys a little tighter and enjoying all these moments, big and small, for all they are worth. So in keeping with the Spirit of #SundaySupper and bringing families back to the dining table, I am sharing the post that I typed up before this tragedy at Sandy Hook, an appetizer that can shared with family and friends this Holiday season. Continue reading

Ricotta Cookies with White Chocolate Glaze #SundaySupper

At long last, the Holiday Cookie season is upon us. I love this time of year. The memories that I share with family of my childhood holidays to the memories that I am creating with my own little family are things to be treasured. Holiday cookies and other baked goodies represent to me, a gift to give to family, friends and to neighbors made with love and given with well wishes for Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. They can be simple or intricately decorated and designed. The decorating can be done alone or with the kids. Who doesn’t like to receive cookies? What is not to love about festive Holiday Cookies or just cookies in general? There are some great recipes to be found on Twitter’s #SundaySupper. Continue reading

Tis The Season #SundaySupper

Tis the Holiday Season. It does not feel like December. Michigan has had a bit of unseasonably warm weather. No snow at all, but it is the holidays and I have been busy decorating and making memories for my boys.

The tree is up. The stocking are hung. Not by the Chimney with care but on some hooks, still with hopes that Saint Nick will find them. I have been busy making homemade gifts for friends and family. Vanilla extracts are bottles, lotion bars and now lip balm have been added to tins. The lip balm I made is a portion of beeswax, sweet almond oil, coco butter and a hint of Michigan Wildflower Honey. Continue reading

Rustic Red Sauce with Sweet Italian Sausages #SundaySupper

I have posted before how I was inspired by a group on Twitter whose mission is to get families back to the dinner table. I love this concept. This week, for #SundaySupper the theme is Celebrity Chef Inspirations. How does one choose? That is such a hard thing for me. Who doesn’t love Paula Dean or Bobby Flay? I personally love the Pioneer Woman, ReeDrummond. Her Blog was one of the first I started reading. My grandparents owned a ranch in East Texas and I could relate to her and her style of food. But, I had to go with my new food obsession. A show on the Cooking Channel called ExtraVirgin also known on the web as Under the Tuscan Sun http://underthetuscangun.com/. Continue reading

Brining a Turkey and Getting Ready for Christmas

Thanksgiving Part 2 will be getting wrapped into the Getting Ready for Christmas Post this year.

I want to share my brine recipe. I brined my Turkey in a clean band new, but washed with soap and water, 5 gallon bucket. Into a sauce pan, I poured 2 cups of apple cider. To the cider, I added 2 oranges that I squeezed into the cider then dropped the whole thing in the simmering pot, also I added a cup of kosher salt, 1 bay leaf, a 5 whole cloves, 1 tablespoon of whole black peppercorns and a 3 sprigs of rosemary and thyme. I brought all of this to a boil. While the apple cider pot was boiling for 5 minutes, I removed the gibblets and neck of the turkey set them aside and added the turkey to my bucket. Continue reading


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

It is a whopping 6:30am and I have been up for about 45 minutes. Why you ask? Well, because my boys are heading out to rifle hunt with my father. My instructions were to have them ready so they could be in the woods by 6:30am. I did good lol. They are layered upon layered up. Thank goodness for Football season and all the cold weather gear, it came in handy for hunting season. I am not sure if everyone’s lives revolve around seasons instead of months but that seems to be how we do it around here. It is a bittersweet moment for me, sending my boys out to hunt deer with my dad. I love and am so thankful that they get to spend that time with him. Continue reading

Lotion Part 2 and Baking Bread

Hi everyone, new to the blog and my trusty old friends alike. It has been a busy couple of weeks leading up to the Holidays, both Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. I have been hard at work experimenting with making homemade all natural lotions and baking bread. In my last post, I made lotion bars. They are really nice for rubbing on your elbows, knees and heels ladies. Well men too, if they want. You can also rub them back and forth between your hands and they warm enough for you to rub the lotion into your hands. It is the ingredients that make them hard. The Beeswax, coco butter and coconut oil are all hard in their natural state. This past week, I have been working with different ratios of adding olive oil to the mixture in order to create a softer lotion that could be scooped out of a jar or put into a pump bottle type of dispenser. Continue reading

Why Not Skin Care Too

Back to Basics and living simple have always meant spending more time at home with family and friends and also within my community. It incorporates eating locally and in my case keeping backyard chickens. Once those became a part of my everyday life, I also became interested in natural skin care products. I have always been a lover of the brand Burt’s Bees. I love their lip balms and lotions. The wheels started to turn in my head… why couldn’t I make my own skin products. Just last week, at a craft show in my small village, I purchased some shea butter bars. These were awesome for softening skin and seemed simple enough to try and recreate. Thank you vendor…You were my Muse and inspiration this weekend. Continue reading