2014 Year End

Ahhhh, Coffee, the nectar of the Gods. I am sipping my first cup this morning and reminiscing about all the great things that happened in 2014. My life is full and I am truly blessed. Family, friends, work, writing, life in general, I have found that at 35 I lead a pretty awesome life. No, I am not perfect, far from it, but I choose to be happy and that choice makes all the difference in the world. Money, sure, we could make more of it, but instead, I enjoy cultivating relationships. Relationships with people are far more important than the monetary things I may leave behind one day.

See what happens when the house is quiet, the chickens fed, and I get a good hot cup of coffee in my hand… I get all philosophical. It is bound to happen from time to time, I am surrounded by boys and fart jokes.

Writing, who would have thought the girl in High School who got into all the ap classes but quit most of them because she was scared to not have her usual circle of friends with her, would enjoy writing so much? This year has been one of growth in my writing. I saw my very first article published in a magazine, I have blogged for online communities beyond by own little corner of the web and I have learned. I have learned and continue to learn.

I love that my most read articles of 2014 include my homesteady nature, chickens and my love of the mission of the #SundaySupper Movement. Bringing families back to the dinner table… how awesome is that?!


  • My recipe that has gained the most attention this year is from Labor Day 2013. That cracks me up for some reason. Way to blow my 2014 count down…but it has to be mentioned right? Stuffed Baby Sweet Peppers is from the 2013 #SundaySupper Labor Day Party. Stuffed Baby Sweet Peppers


  • My actual most visited recipe from 2014 is one that I absolutely love. I was able to be a part of an awesome campaign with American Family Insurance as they were asking people to Choose Dreams. Asparagus Penne with Bacon Cream Sauce. My Spring Garden provided a lot of the ingredients for this dish. There are gardening tips and also other wonderful recipes all in one place. It is a post that I can look back on and say… Oh yea, that is so me. Totally Shannon all over it. Starting seeds indoors, cute nephew pics, garden to table ingredients, all finished off with dreaming and my #SundaySupper friends. *High Five* That’s what I am talking about. Asparagus Penne Bacon Cream

This year, my family said good bye to a much loved fur family member, gained a new puppy and a teenager. We traveled, we cheered our favorite athletes on at sporting events, we laughed, we hugged, we told each other we love each other, we have had broken bones heal and stitches to close wounds, there may or may not have been a slight heart attack from me when those things occurred, but we are good. We left behind the world of elementary school and joined in with Middle and High School. We are learning to let go as the older ones are learning to drive, apparently they are supposed to gain independence and I am supposed to be “ok” with letting go… we will chalk that up to a work in progress.

2014 Review

What to expect from 2015… Lots more craziness, gardening, chickens, Sunday Suppers, boo boos and sports. New Chicks this Spring… I want a goat and a fireplace. Probably going to paint the front porch and drive many many miles to many many sporting events.  I want to continue to grow as a writer and still hope to improve on my photo taking skills.


Darn if my coffee hasn’t gone cold…



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